How we do it ?


ECU Remapping is taking the factory setting of the cars computer and tweaking parameters and tables to optimise for performance or economy, depending on the desired outputs. The reason ECU Remapping companies can make adjustments and deliver more power or improved economy is because when the factory completes the engine calibration, the need to consider vastness of operating environments and conditions and deliver performance with extreme tolerances built in.



Customized to your needs. We can focus on performance or economy. Moreover we can blend both to achieve the highest level of safety, Torque and fuel savings

Power and Torque Increase

SunnyGarage get the most out of your vehicle power and potential. Remaps enable to increase the power and torque figures set up on your vehicle by the manufacturer.

Fuel saving

ECU remapping can increase mpg to get the most out of your vehicle. Also improve driving by power and torque increase so that smoother acceleration saves money at the pumps. Besides it also improve your carbon footprint.

How we do it ?

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Please provide the following information to assist us with your enquiry:

  • Model, make and full registration
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Health Check

We are checking many key points on your vehicle to be certain that it is in a very good condition and ready for remapping.

Test Drive

We are performing a test drive to make sure everything is right before remapping.


Remapping is intended to get the most out of your car by overwriting the ECU’s default settings with new software which can be programmed to enhance the car’s overall performance.


You are provided with Tuning Certificate to show what have been done to your car. It includes the date and the mileage at the time of the remap.



What Customers Say?

Remapped my Volkswagen T6. Excellent map with ultra smooth power delivery. Previously had chip box and it is night and day with this mod. Really takes it to the next level. Top result!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Aaron Johnson

My Volkswagen Touareg now feels lots better after the remap and is easier to drive as it makes overtaking a breeze. I will use again!!!

John Brown

Had my BMW 5 Series 520D remapped and I love it😍😍😍 Much smoother to drive and great increase in power🔥 Would recommend this to anyone. Very polite and professional service❗❗❗

Krystian Len 

Had my Bmw 320d remapped and the car feels completely different it’s got instant power with no lag and very smooth , great service and very polite highly recommended 👍🏻

Chris Farthing

Had my BMW 330D remapped last week and what a difference🔥🔥🔥
End results are better than first quoted and the service received was faultless.
Can’t recommend highly enough Thanks

Maciej Pawlikowski


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